Our capabilities
Convergence of airside and terminal solutions inspiring better airports

Our CapabilitiesOur intelligent approach to airports focuses on the convergence of airside and terminal solutions, empowering airports to better address tough challenges around safety, security, efficiency and productivity to inspire better airports.

Security Solutions
  • Improve intelligence, reduce risk and enhance ability to respond to situations across airports.
  • Protect people, property and infrastructure for improved vigilance and reduced interruption to critical operations.
  • Provide an integrated view from perimeter to passenger.
Safety Solutions
  • Enable early warning, reduce risk and expedite location-specific responses.
  • Provide precision docking information for pilot, leading safely to gates.
  • Enhance visibility approach in virtually all weather conditions.
  • Detect runway incursions and taxiway intersection conflicts.
  • Provide real-time situational awareness and mitigate runway and taxiway errors.
Efficiency Solutions
  • Provide information for informed decision making, efficient terminal management and reduced energy consumption and control costs.
  • Enable faster turnaround management.
  • Allow for monitoring every element of lighting infrastructure for improved detection and response.
  • Provide cost-effective means to promote increased airport capacity, decreased air traffic noise and reduced weather-related delays.
Productivity Solutions
  • Provide enterprise-wide systems integration for improved planning and control, better resource allocation and reduced life cycle costs.
  • Enhance ground capacity, reduce surface navigation errors and reduce controller-pilot communication.
  • Enable planning for departures and reduced taxiway bottlenecks.
  • Enable aircrafts to fly either complex or straight-in approaches.

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Why Honeywell

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With over 19,000 researchers and engineers working in 97 R&D facilities and technology centers worldwide, Honeywell is truly a global technology provider. Our technological leadership is founded on customer intimacy and the unwavering pursuit of innovation, research & development enabling the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. We can also tap into our 5000+ engineers in Honeywell Technology Solutions for the continued design and manufacture innovative and next-generation solutions.

Honeywell offers a combination of global experience and locally-proven delivery capabilities. With over 4000 service engineers from across the globe, we strive to serve our customers effectively and efficiently.

Our intelligent approach to airports focuses on the convergence of airside, terminal and landside solutions. Our end-to-end solutions empower airports to better address tough challenges around safety, security, efficiency and productivity to inspire better airports.

Through a worldwide network of local branch offices, Honeywell has supported over 500 airports worldwide and is known throughout the international aviation industry for innovation, reliability and integrity. Click here to see examples of our airports experience.

Honeywell is committed to continuously evolve and innovate to bring significant advances in airport technology, while also assisting with a smooth migration to updated technology at the appropriate time. Refer to Solution Spotlight for a recent example of our innovations.