Solution Spotlight
Smarter docking solution optimizing airport gate capacity

Honeywell's Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (AVDGS)Increases in airport passenger traffic demands, higher gate efficiency and greater throughput. AVDGS is a safer and smarter docking solution optimizing airport gate capacity. Utilising the latest in sensor technology, AVDGS provides virtually all-weather operability for airports looking to optimize their daily gate operations.

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The New Electronic Vision

The power of human visual perception lies in its high dynamic range and robust object detection due to high and constant contrast resolution in both bright and dark regions of a scene. Honeywell AVDGS is based on eye-like High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) electronic imaging technology, with one setting for operation in rainy, foggy, snowy, or extremely sunny weather conditions.

True 3D Image Processing

Intel I7 processor based image processing unit (IPU) detects, identifies and guides incoming aircraft to its designated stop position.

Clear Pilot Display Unit

High brightness and LED display visible up to 150 meters with a wide viewing angle of 170°, providing precise guidance information to pilots.

VDGS Communication

Smart surveillance solution promoting situational awareness throughout the airport enabling a faster response for a safer and more secure environment.

Real-Time View

Apron monitoring video cameras for real-time situational awareness allow recording, archiving and playback of docking sequences.

All-Weather Unit

The virtually all-weather design is capable of withstanding a wide variation of temperatures up to +55°C.

Operational Benefits
Reliability & Consistent Performance
Low Total
Installed Cost
  • Reliable operation in virtually all weather conditions with true 3D aircraft detection
  • Extremely long life – video sensor operates without typical life-time limitation or mechanical aging issues
  • Choice of mounting location including building facade, pole or mast with height range 4-22m
  • Highly adaptable to gate layouts with single or multiple camera sensors
  • Real-time video feed of gates for surveillance
  • Apron obstacle and foreign object debris detection
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time
  • No moving parts or motors, optimizing reliability and minimizing maintenance
  • LED display and electronics consume less power
  • Fewer systems required on gates with multiple centerlines, due to wide-angle LED display and use of video sensors for parallel angled or curved guidance lines

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