100 years in airports
Celebrating 100 years of technology innovation in aviation and
airport solutions

100 Years of Innovation & TechnologyWith over 100 years experience in aviation and airport technologies, Honeywell is a trusted provider of intelligent airport solutions worldwide. Our technological leadership is founded on customer intimacy and the unwavering pursuit of innovation, research and development promoting the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. Although we are proud of our history, we are also excited about our future of innovations in the aviation industry.

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The Sperry Gyro Stabilizer - the world’s first autopilot is introduced.

The first artificial horizon is used in Jimmy Doolittle’s Sept. 24, 1929 takeoff, 15-minute flight and landing made solely by reference to instruments.

First airline auto pilot in service at TWA.

The first “push-button” flight across Atlantic takes place (Douglas C-54 with Bendix Automatic Engine controls).

First commercial weather radar system (Bendix RDR-1).

First use of gas turbine APU for commercial aircraft (B727).

Honeywell invents and begins deliveries of Ground Proximity Warning Systems.

First Flight Management System certified on B767.

First FAA certification for Forward Looking Wind Shear weather radar system (RDR-4B).

First certified integrated architecture avionics system delivered on the B777.

  • SCAT-I Certified Sep 1998 World’s First DGPS Certification.
  • Incheon International Airport, South Korea.
  • Glasgow Airport.

Domodedovo International Airport, Russian Federation.

First deployment of a fully integrated ground vehicle navigation and location system, complete with onboard displays, for the fleet of airport ground vehicles.

Indira Gandhi International Airport.

CAT-I Certified - World’s First FAA/ICAO Compliant GBAS.

First documented project: Berlin-Johannisthal, Germany.

First “plug-in” semiconductor based voltage monitoring system.

Basrah International Airport, Iraq.

First single lamp monitoring system, based on monitoring modules building directly into apron.

  • Telefunken SystemTechnik.
  • Berlin-Schonefeld, International Airport, Germany.

Daimler-Benz Aerospace.

Operative deployment of world’s first automatic docking guidance system, based on a superior camera system.

  • Borispyl State International Airport, Ukraine.
  • Tier 1 Framework Agreement with BAA.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia.

First fully integrated Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System for ATC workstations.

Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates.

Jebel Ali International Airport, United Arab Emirates.

  • First deployment of “Follow the Greens” automated routing concept in Incheon International Airport.
  • Heathrow Terminal 5.
  • Bremen Airport witnesses the world’s first revenue passenger service GBAS landing by An Air Berlin B737NG.
  • Airfield Lighting Project completed & delivered for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport.
  • Supporting over 500 airports worldwide with products and solutions.
  • Celebrating 100 years of technology innovation in aviation and airport solutions.